Wanting to make full use of our trusty 4×4, we decided to do some beach exploring/camping north of Perth in a very unique community called Wedge Island.


“Wedge”, as locals call it, is home to a beach shack settlement which was built beginning in the 1950s by fishermen and “pastoralists”:

Due to it’s previously remote location a strong sense of community has developed amongst the inhabitants and regular visitors to Wedge Island.

The community has autonomously and democratically addressed the many issues a community has to face to survive in such a remote location. Issues such as harvesting water and power, protection from the elements, first aid and fire-fighting to name a few. 

The community is strongly committed to protecting the wildlife, natural fauna and local environment and preserving the natural beauty of Wedge for future generations of West Australians to enjoy in the years to come.


The day we came to Wedge, there was not a cloud in the sky. We let out some air in the tires to be able to safely drive on the beach, and off we went! It was incredible. In one stretch of the beach there were quite a few people, so naturally we rolled on down to the other end of the beach and stopped for a swim.

The only thing lacking was: SHADE. We don’t have an awning on the ‘Cruiser, nor did we prepare by bringing an umbrella—for us, that would be too easy! We tried to get creative with what camping gear we still had in the truck, but we didn’t have the right supplies or tools to fashion anything useful. And it was hot as hell. We ended up moving on after a couple of hours as we slowly started to melt.

The Pinnacles Desert

We got back on the road and headed towards the very eerie natural phenomenon known as the Pinnacles. These fragile, limestone pillars stand at all different heights and shapes depending on their formation story. They are absolutely a sight to behold.

Because we arrived at dusk (darkness + no one else around), it was even creepier—I mean, more amazing. 

Again, our timing wasn’t the best for photos, so please do a quick Google search to see some better shots of this site, if you’re interested! We took advantage of the quiet darkness and made a cozy nest on the top of the truck to star gaze. Stunning sky; stunning experience.

Sand boarding in Lancelin

The next day on our way back to Perth, we made a stop in Lancelin for a shitty breakfast and SAND BOARDING! Ever since we saw someone do this in a travel documentary we’ve been wanting to try it.

It looks much easier on TV.

The key is to find the steepest spot because the boards do not slide on sand the way they do on snow! They are also pretty small which made it hard not to just sink into the sand (I’m laughing out loud to myself at the memory of this). It was bloody HOT and having to hike back up the sand dune after every run seriously diminished our chances of becoming pro sand boarders. But! It was still a lot of fun!

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