It actually wasn’t even a full 24 hours.

Margaret River is a well known spot in the south of Western Australia and is about a three hour drive from Perth. We decided to take a quick overnight trip to this picturesque part of WA with our friends, Jean Baptiste and Gildine.


Vince met JB when he was working as a salesman selling solar panels in Perth and surrounding areas. They hit it off as friends right away. JB and Gildine had done the same road trip across the middle of Australia and have the same tendency to wanderlust, so we really connected quickly.

As surfers, Margaret River is a favourite spot for them. And JUST LOOK. I mean, this is a beautiful place to do anything, but the surf is pretty awesome here in particular.

Vince has been learning to surf for many years now and it was cool for him to get some guidance from Gildine and JB in Margaret River.

Although the hours flew by and this place surely deserves another (longer!) visit, we made the most of what we had and it was beautiful.

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