Our last night on the road before arriving in Perth was spent on our own in a beautiful little camping spot called Karalee Rock and Dam, just under five hours east of Perth.

We wandered around the site and learned a little bit about the rock, old aqueduct and dam that are the main attraction at this site:

Constructed between 1896 and 1897, its capacity is 10.6 million gallons (just over 48 million litres); it is 1487 feet above sea level and 25 feet in depth. Retaining walls of granite slab, all cut from the top of the rock and laid by hand, surround the enormous rock catchment. This enables the water to flow off the rock into the dam via a large semi-circular aqueduct of steel, hand riveted at each joint. This is still in very good condition considering its age and the natural harsh elements. It is well worth the journey to reflect upon the unbelievable manual labour and horse power involved in this construction.

Karalee Dam Brochure

We found the ‘rock’ to be absolutely stunning (we were wandering around there at sunset which made the lighting that much more magical!). We spent the majority of the dusk hours on the rock, cooked a simple pasta meal, and snuggled up in the truck with a few episodes of Shameless on the tablet. The next day we would arrive in PERTH!

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