This stretch of highway along the southern coast of Australia was quite literally jaw-droppingly beautiful. I’m not sure our photos captured the magnificence of the views you encounter as you wind along the coast, but we tried our very best!

Our goal was to meet with our friend Manu in Port Campbell and then travel together all the way to Perth. He had seen the GOR already and was happy to wait for us to meet him.

We stopped for a couple of hours in Torquay, a small surf town at the beginning of the GOR. Vince got himself a wet suit which would be necessary for him to surf in the ocean at this time of year (August-November-ish). It was absolutely a worthwhile investment even if we felt like we were splurging at the time.

Next stop was Bells Beach, a renowned surf beach. Breathtaking.

Airey’s Inlet and Lorne were our last main stops before we put our heads down to reach Manu in Port Campbell not too long after sunset. Amazing drive!

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