Here we were, taking our first “steps” of the biggest road trip of our lives: across the continent of Australia.

Starting point: Brisbane, Queensland.

As a key place in our experience of Australia, Brisbane is loaded with emotion. It is where we first arrived in this country feeling excited and anxious; where we met our first Australian friends (family) and felt a huge sense of comfort and relief; where we left from to venture out on our own in our truck; and where we came back to for pause, reflection and preparation of the next leg of our trip.

Now, we would move forward with Melbourne, Victoria as our first main stop after Brisbane. We had a friend we could stay with there, so we decided to camper-truck it there, recharge for a few days and then hit the road again.

It would take approximately 20 hours of driving to reach Melbourne from Brisbane, so we chose to take our time, only driving three to five hours each day, and see a few things along the way!

Saltwater National Park | near Taree, New South Wales

We spent a few hours hanging out in and walking through this small national park along the east coast of Australia. As it was late July and springtime here, it was cooler in temperature which made it nice for walking through some hiking trails. We also spent time watching surfers brave the cooler ocean waters.

Little did we know at the time, the national park is actually quite spiritually significant to the local Aboriginal tribe, Biripi. Read more about the park here if you’re interested!

Sydney | New South Wales 

What we knew about Sydney was that it was a big, busy city. It reminded us of how Toronto is often described. Because neither of us are “city people”, we chose to spend only one day in Sydney, mainly viewing the infamous Sydney Opera House and nearby harbour. Because our time here was so brief, we can’t confidently speak to the city. It was a great day though—seeing the Opera House, walking along the harbour, eating Vietnamese banh (baguette sandwich), and watching a street performance.

Countryside | New South Wales

We found the drive a little further inland on our way to Melbourne to be quite picturesque. Geologically similar to the country of Wales, it is believed that it was named after the country of origin of Captain James Cook whose ship arrived here (Botany Bay, NSW) in 1788.

Final stop, Melbourne!

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