What do you do when you’re going to meet your boyfriend’s cousin whom he hasn’t seen in six years and who lives in New Zealand and is really cool? You worry a bit about making a good impression, but are soon put at ease by how inviting and generous she is and how much fun you have with her and her boyfriend! 😀

Corny intro concluded.

Once the plan was made to road-trip back to Brisbane to meet with Vince’s cousin Caroline and her boyfriend, Jake, we decided that this would be the start of one LONG road-trip west along the coast of Australia to eventually end up in Perth, Western Australia where Jess has family.

We moved back in with Mark and Debbie and spent the better part of a week exploring and adventuring in and around Brisbane with Caroline and Jake.

We were treated to breakfast and went fishing; we visited Byron Bay, the Crystal Castle, and Gold Coast amusement parks DreamworldMovieworld and Wet’n’Wild. We were busy! We even treated Caroline and Jake to a classic tailgate meal of canned beans and tomato pasta. They were very gracious (lol).

The amusement park part of the trip was quite confronting for me as I haven’t really enjoyed roller coasters since I was a lot younger. Somewhere along the way I lost my edge when it comes to being tossed around and flipped upside down on rides. I had also never been on any “big” roller coasters, having only really experienced small city fair midway rides.

In all honesty, you could say I was sick with anxiety. I wanted to refuse. I cried about it. Truly, what helped push me forward the most (to the point of doing ALL of the rides at both amusement parks) was thinking I would ruin this experience for everyone if I didn’t pull up my pants and just do it. Also, Caroline being a bit nervous, too, helped to ease the tension knowing someone else understood my feelings! (THANK YOU).

And now, looking back, I remember the anxiety, but I don’t feel it in the same way. I’m sure I will get that butterfly feeling the next time we go to a theme park, but I think it will be a much more joyful experience now—as opposed to me cursing Vince under my breath all day long (who LOVES thrill, obviously).

We had a blast spending time with and getting to know ‘our cousins’. It was really special to see Caroline and Vince connect after being apart for so long, and growing up in different countries (Caroline’s family moved from Quebec to New Zealand when she was quite young). Caroline and Jake were so fun-loving and laid back, it got us really excited for when we visit them IN NEW ZEALAND! I’m sure we’ll have a lot more adventures to write about after our time there with them.

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