Here we are in Brisbane, our first stop on a year-long journey around Australia! We arrived on June 3 to unseasonably wet weather, but we were simply happy to be out of an airport and off an airplane (and happy to no longer be breathing in the recycled farts of strangers for the past 20 hours, says Vince).

The first few days here were spent exploring Brisbane by foot in our rain jackets, learning how to order coffee (more on that later!), setting up cell phone plans and a bank account, and searching for a vehicle that would ultimately be the chosen one to take us around the country.


Look how natural.


Australian White Ibis

This is how we plan on doing Australia – in a 4×4 converted into a home on wheels. YES. We will be living in a car for 12 months. YES.

No, we’re not insane.


Brisbane River, South Bank

When we were searching for some new accommodation a few days in, we were incredibly lucky to find a beautiful airbnb in a suburb of Brisbane called Mount Crosby. We had made the decision to rent (“hire”) a car to help with the vehicle search which made this location easily accessible to us. We were greeted by the most welcoming and generous English/Australian couple, Debbie and Mark, and immediately felt at home. They’ve become like an Aussie aunt and uncle, helping us in our car search, inviting us in so openly and teaching us everything they know about Australia, and really, life in general.
As the vehicle search continued, we took moments for ourselves to sight-see and have some fun! It was beginning to feel more like the WORKING part of our Working Holiday already just arranging all of the necessary logistics (not the fun, fruit picking/barista-in-a-cafe-kind of work). Below are some pictures of our “days off”!
On June 16, we added a new member to our family – our still-to-be-named 1986 Toyota LandCruiser!!! We are thrilled to now be working on its transformation into our “tiny home” for a year. We’ll be genuinely sad to say “See ya later” to Debbie and Mark (and their little dog Poncho and cats!), but we are getting closer to our true dream – to explore this country by road.

Some notables so far:

  • Learning to surf in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast
  • Being treated to the kindness and friendliness of the Australian people
  • Fishing and beautiful sunsets in Miami and Coolangatta, suburbs of the City of Gold Coast
  • Being schooled on Australian coffee culture (even Starbucks is largely considered a lower-end cup of coffee here)
  • Screaming on roller coasters and water slides, and facing fears (Jess) at Dreamworld theme park in Coomera (more on that here)
  • Roadtripping to Bribie Island for more fishing!


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