a couple from Canada, traveling the world


We are Jess and Vince, a Canadian couple traveling through Australia—and beyond.

After some time (not that long) in the working world, we realized we wanted to take the opportunity to explore this great planet of ours while it’s still here to see. We decided to quit our jobs and spend our time (and savings) on experiences that would give us perspective-–-and change our lives.

Now we are on a journey in search of more – more joy, more passion, more growth, more peace, more truth. More of what really matters in life.

This is our humble, honest account of our journey as we learn more about the world, each other and ourselves.

We began in Australia on Working Holiday visas, and we got around in our ’86 Toyota LandCruiser. Now, we’re exploring New Zealand in our ’99 Subaru Legacy! Plans are made (and change!) at any moment, so please follow along to see where we’re at!

currently in Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand